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Dali travel guide

Dali travel guide

Dali is the capital city of the Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture (including the ancient city of Dali in itself and Xiaguan city) located in southwest Yunnan Province, Southwest China. The city is famous for being home to the Han, Hui, Yi, Lisu and Bai ethnic minority peoples, the last one representing more than 65% of the total of population. Situated between the Cangshan Mountains and the Erhai Lake reputed for their beauty intertwining snowcapped pinnacles and crystal clear waters, Dali enjoys a monsoon subtropical climate. At 400 kilometers away from the capital city of Yunnan - Kunming, the city of Dali is highly deserved for the best pleasure of travelers. Great tourist destination along with the city of Lijiang, Dali is a must-see city of the Yunnan Province, rich in historical, cultural and natural spots. Favorite destination of hikers and backpackers, Dali is a high stop-off point to the northern Yunnan hiking and cycling circuit. Discovering the local Bai culture, handmade craft objects and local cuisine is just a pleasure to anyone having the chance to tour on this southernmost Province of mainland China. History of Dali An ancient and powerful Bai Kingdo... More information about Dali »

Top Attractions in Dali

The Ancient City of Dali

The Ancient City of Dali

Dali Ancient City was built in 1382, Mt.Cangshan is on the back of it and it is facing Erhai Lake. The distribution inside is of strict order and the whole city looks like a chessboard; all the paths are from the east to west or from north to south, houses of tile makes the city simple and unsophisticated.

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Erhai Lake

Erhai Lake

A graceful lake in plateau, Erhai Lake is the second largest freshwater lake in Yunnan and the seventh in China. It is considered a Mother Lake of local Bai Minority and cordially called as Gold Moon. Got its name from its ear-shape, it offers great charms as one of the Four Greatest Scenes of Dali.

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