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Kunming travel guide

Kunming travel guide

Kunming is the capital city of the Yunnan Province located in Southwest China. Registered as the political, economical and cultural center of Yunnan Province, Kunming flourishes with lots of assets that rank it as an important tourist city. The city is situated on the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and enjoys a monsoon subtropical climate pleasant to any travelers coming to visit the region for a while. Located nearby the border with Burma, Laos and Vietnam, this capital city of the Yunnan Province is a huge transportation hub to southeastern Asia. Wide palm-lined roads, sky scraping modern buildings, modern city center intertwining with ancient buildings... Kunming is a dynamic city lying in the gorgeous landscape of the Yunnan Province renowned among the backpackers and amateurs of outdoor sports community. In short, Kunming is a city that will give you for sure great memories. History of Kunming An ancient pivotal stop-off city to southeastern Asia Kunming has a history tracing back to some 2400 years ago. Located on the passage to Tibet, Sichuan, Myanmar and India, the city was a pivotal gateway and strategic stop-off point to mainland China. As a highly remote p... More information about Kunming »

Top Attractions in Kunming

Stone Forest

Stone Forest

Boasting magnificent karst landform and located some 78km to downtown Kunming with an altitude of 1500-1900m and an estimated age of 5 million to 30 million years old, Stone Forest is hailed as the No.1 Nature Wonder under the heaven with its fantastic rocks in the shapes of sword, column and tower.

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West Hill

West Hill

Located on the shore of the Dian Lake some 15km west to city center, the West Hill is renowned for its rolling mountains, tranquil forest with towering trees, singing birds and clear streams, numerous historic sites, as well as its excellent viewpoint for overlooking the Dian Lake and watching sunrise.

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